New Addition: Stapler block

If you have ever watched the movie, "Office Space," you will remember how obsessive Milton was with his red stapler. I can't blame him. A stapler is a fun object to work with. 

  Office Space (1999)

So here is my stapler block. I am planning to make a small wall quilt with 4 of these staplers, and I will hang it right next to my desk. I want to get some fabrics that have notebook graphics and use them for the border. 

Because I adore well designed stationery objects, I did a little research on staplers. I will share some of my favorite ones.

Stampler by Suck UK (£12.00)
What is a Stampler? It stamps a smiley face while it staples! 
It really jazzes up a stapler's job, doesn't it?
Stapler Dog Red by Kikkerland ($6.00)
I love how simple and clever this design is. 

Eco Staple Free Stapler Cubed by Made by Humans ($12.99)
What's cool about this one is that it doesn't use metal staples. Instead, it cuts out a tiny strip of paper and uses it to "stitch up." It only binds up to 4 pages, but regardless it is genius! 

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