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New Patterns Added (including a FREE Christmas Tree pattern)

I have made two more patterns for my Christmas collection. This Reindeer pattern is 5"x7", the same dimensions as my Santa Claus pattern. The Christmas Tree pattern is 4"x7." It's the same height as my other patterns, so that they can all go side by side together. You can now download my Christmas Tree pattern from Free Downloads section. 

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Christmas patterns are coming to town!

I am planning to make a series of Christmas-themed paper pieced patterns this year, and the very first one that I am presenting is Santa Claus.  This one is 5"x7", and it is such a fun pattern to put together. Make sure to use different fabric for the white part of his hat from the beard. I chose the color green as the background to make the pattern really festive and colorful, but I could also imagine it being light blue to suggest snow. This pattern would be darling to insert into a quilt, pillow, table runner, and more projects. I hope you enjoy it! 

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Halloween Special: Witch pattern

It has been a while since I uploaded my last pattern. After taking a few classes at a community college, I have actually decided to go for a Graphic Design degree. With my background in interior design, I thought that I had enough skills and knowledge to crossover to graphic design without more education, but it turned out that this is a whole new design field that I will get to explore. Anyways, I am really excited to be back in school and I hope to share some of my graphic works in the future.  

Meanwhile, I love to celebrate Halloween, and here is the first Halloween pattern that I designed. It is a witch on a broom, and I made mine to be 7" x 7".  There will be more to come, so stick around and visit my blog again  :)

Oh, and I forgot to share my Whale pattern that I designed a while back ago. This is a fun and easy pattern that complements nautical decorations. Visit my Etsy or Craftsy shop to download my PDF pattern and give it a try! 

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New Pattern: Ship in a Bottle

Lately, my sailboat pattern has been one of the most popular selling patterns, and given the time of the year, it is not too surprising. So here is another fun pattern to add to your nautical collection. It adds a little twist to your ordinary sailboat. The dimensions of the pattern are 6" x 4" which is great for horizontal framing. 

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Free Pattern Birdhouse + Bird 3

I have one more bird pattern to join the others. I am also giving away my bird house pattern for free. All of the blocks in my bird collection are 5" x 5", so they are great for attaching side by side. 

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Bird Patterns + Etsy shop update

There is something about summer that makes us want to be closer to nature. I have always been a big fan of bird motifs, so I am happy to share these patterns with fellow bird lovers. 

News Update: I made some small changes to my Etsy shop. I now have 26 paper pieced patterns in total, and to make shopping easier, I created different sections. The sections are Animals, Plants, Home, and Miscellaneous. This also helps me to keep track of what I am designing, so I hope that you will check it out!  

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New Pattern (a girl & a boy) + Gift sets I've been working on.

My latest pattern is a girl & a boy. Although I was never a girl who played with barbie dolls (I preferred stuffed animals and legos.), this pattern is for quilters who enjoy dressing up and styling characters as much as kids. I came up with 3 different ways for the girls and boys to wear their hair (see the picture below), and you can also add tights to a girl. I think that these little people can easily represent a grown up couple as well as children. This pattern would be great for making a square pillow or for framing. I would love to see what other people do with this pattern. 

My sister and cousins from out of state are visiting me this weekend, so I've been busy making these little gift sets for them. These triangle garlands are so darn cute when they are hanging up. All you need is some coordinating fabrics, bias tape, and a triangle template which you can draw and cut it out of a cereal box (or a thick paper). I also learned to make the drawstring bag, and I made 5 of them in last 2 days! The drawstring bags are just the perfect touch for giving away gifts. In case you are wondering, here is a Youtube tutorial for making it (link: Simple Drawstring Bag Tutorial).

Remember my kitty coasters? This pattern is available from 'Free downloads'. 

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Happy Fourth of July!

I finished a nautical wall quilt just in time to share on Fourth of July. I used my Anchor and Sailboat paper pieced patterns and added 1" x 1" tiny little squares all around them. Red + Blue + White. It is patriotic too, I suppose. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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Kitty Coaster - Free paper pieced pattern

I have a new free pattern to share, and it is perfect if you are looking for an easy/quick paper piecing project. You can use this cute kitty face block as a template for a 4" x 4" coaster. Make a little quilt sandwich, and you can either machine quilt or hand quilt. I added some buttons for eyes, but you can choose to embroider as well. You only need a strip of the size 1.25" x 18" for bias binding. This pattern can be downloaded under "Free Downloads." Have fun, and please share pictures of your finished project with me! 


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New Patterns - Anchor + Sailboat

The summer is here, and with the temperature peaking as high as 100 degrees every day in Austin, I am longing for some cool, breezy days by the beach. So, naturally the best way for me to have a little getaway in home studio was to design some fun, nautical patterns. I have seen a lot of Sailboat patterns in quilts, but I designed mine to be the same dimension as my Anchor pattern (5" x 6") and it can be easily made by paper piecing. 

Warning: These patterns are super addictive to make. Collect some red and blue fabrics and have fun!

Here are some ideas for what you can do with my patterns.

Nautical Sailboat Garland from Pottery barn kids

18" Outdoor Anchor Pillow from Thomas Paul
Anchor Tote Bag and Drink Coasters from Sea Bags

Nautical Art Prints by MossyJojo

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New Patterns (including a free one!)

Last week, I added a new pattern - the Windmill block. It is a fun and challenging block to make. I believe my love for traditional house blocks led to my attempt at designing a primitive architecture block. 

Here is a new free pattern that I added today. This is a block that doesn't necessarily have to be paper pieced, but it can be. This block would be perfect to insert into a little greeting card. Say "Hi" to your loved ones and leave a sweet message. 

I also finished a sampler quilt that is made of nine 5"x5" blocks. The following list of my patterns were used for this quilt: Tulip, Deer Head, Mini-Chair Collection, Hi Speech Bubble (free one), Windmill, Mushrooms, and Llama. I decided to hand quilt it because these patterns are so personal and dear to me, and there is something really satisfying about holding a quilt and stitching little by little. 

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New Addition: Tulip Pattern

Tulip motifs are commonly spotted from vintage objects and Scandinavian textiles. I like the simplicity of tulip's geometry found in these places, and that's what influenced my pattern as well. The Tulip pattern can easily be mixed with many of my other patterns, for example with the Deer Head and the Mushrooms. It's a versatile pattern that will also go well with traditional blocks like stars and log cabins.  

Tulip motifs in everyday design...

Vintage Anchor Hocking Fire King Mixing Nesting Bowls from MelissaAntiques

Vintage Mid Century Modern Wooden Tulip Set by ThriftCore

Hand Screen Printed Scandinavian Tulip Cushion Pillow Cover by Jane Foster

and here is a beautiful vintage quilt of tulip patterns from MET museum.
It is dated to be from 1850-80.

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