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Hello and welcome to ProtoQuilt!

My name is Joanne and I am a multi-disciplinary designer based in Austin, TX. I grew up watching my mom make beautiful traditional quilts by hand and never thought I could fabricate what she makes. While studying interior design in college, I cultivated my interest in textile design and learned how to use a sewing machine, surprising both my mom and myself. I have been pursuing my career in graphic design. But quilting and designing paper-pieced quilt patterns have become a big part of my life. 

I start my process by sketching ideas, often inspired from what I see every day and work of other designers and illustrators. I meticulously finalize my design in Adobe Illustrator. I test my pattern before publishing online with multiple color combinations. I love paper-piecing because it gives me freedom to create illustrative patterns while guaranteeing the accuracy of nice points. 

To me, quilts that you make or receive add a very special touch to home which can not be measured in a monetary value. I am happy to share my life-long passion with fellow quilters around the world. Thank you for visiting!

Joanne Kim Milnes


Please feel free to ask questions or share your stories and photos of quilts. You can also check out my design portfolio @ www.joannekimmilnes.com and inquire about freelance work. 

Email: protoquilt@gmail.com


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