New Addition: Tulip Pattern

Tulip motifs are commonly spotted from vintage objects and Scandinavian textiles. I like the simplicity of tulip's geometry found in these places, and that's what influenced my pattern as well. The Tulip pattern can easily be mixed with many of my other patterns, for example with the Deer Head and the Mushrooms. It's a versatile pattern that will also go well with traditional blocks like stars and log cabins.  

Tulip motifs in everyday design...

Vintage Anchor Hocking Fire King Mixing Nesting Bowls from MelissaAntiques

Vintage Mid Century Modern Wooden Tulip Set by ThriftCore

Hand Screen Printed Scandinavian Tulip Cushion Pillow Cover by Jane Foster

and here is a beautiful vintage quilt of tulip patterns from MET museum.
It is dated to be from 1850-80.

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