New Addition: Deer Head Pattern

If you pay attention to design trends, you'll notice certain subjects or motifs emerging here and there. That's where I find a lot of inspirations for my patterns. This way, I'd like to think that people would want to turn these iconic imagery into quilts that have never been made before. The Deer Head pattern is one of these examples. Deer taxidermy for a home decor has been around for a very long time, but turning this concept into art and design has been a modern phenomena. This pattern is my geometric interpretation of a deer head. I kept it symmetrical on left and right sides, because I like to simplify my pattern as much as possible. Making a 5" x 5" block wasn't all that easy breezy, so I gave it a jalapeño 4 rating (out of 5). But it is still manageable and not too difficult to match the points. I think it would be easier to make if the block was bigger, so there is an option to make 7" x 7" on my PDF. I also plan to make a bigger block and frame it.

And of course, I wouldn't miss this opportunity to share some of the deer head arts and designs I've come across. 


I have personally seen this one, and it's really fantastic. I love its three dimensional effect and how it makes your eyes wander around. 

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