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New Addition: Tulip Pattern

Tulip motifs are commonly spotted from vintage objects and Scandinavian textiles. I like the simplicity of tulip's geometry found in these places, and that's what influenced my pattern as well. The Tulip pattern can easily be mixed with many of my other patterns, for example with the Deer Head and the Mushrooms. It's a versatile pattern that will also go well with traditional blocks like stars and log cabins.  

Tulip motifs in everyday design...

Vintage Anchor Hocking Fire King Mixing Nesting Bowls from MelissaAntiques

Vintage Mid Century Modern Wooden Tulip Set by ThriftCore

Hand Screen Printed Scandinavian Tulip Cushion Pillow Cover by Jane Foster

and here is a beautiful vintage quilt of tulip patterns from MET museum.
It is dated to be from 1850-80.

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New Addition: Deer Head Pattern

If you pay attention to design trends, you'll notice certain subjects or motifs emerging here and there. That's where I find a lot of inspirations for my patterns. This way, I'd like to think that people would want to turn these iconic imagery into quilts that have never been made before. The Deer Head pattern is one of these examples. Deer taxidermy for a home decor has been around for a very long time, but turning this concept into art and design has been a modern phenomena. This pattern is my geometric interpretation of a deer head. I kept it symmetrical on left and right sides, because I like to simplify my pattern as much as possible. Making a 5" x 5" block wasn't all that easy breezy, so I gave it a jalapeño 4 rating (out of 5). But it is still manageable and not too difficult to match the points. I think it would be easier to make if the block was bigger, so there is an option to make 7" x 7" on my PDF. I also plan to make a bigger block and frame it.

And of course, I wouldn't miss this opportunity to share some of the deer head arts and designs I've come across. 


I have personally seen this one, and it's really fantastic. I love its three dimensional effect and how it makes your eyes wander around. 

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New Addition: Mini-Chair Collection

As a follow-up of my original chair collection, I decided to make a mini-chair collection. These blocks are perfect for paper piecing beginners as they are only consisted of two groups. I think these two chairs are classics that anyone would happily incorporate into their home interiors. You can upholster all of my chair blocks in so many different ways. Experiment and do something you wouldn't to your normal dining chairs! 

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New Addition: Llama block

Adorable llamas that have been popping up everywhere in the design world have finally captured my attention. So, here is my version of the Llama block. It is fairly easy to make, and you can have fun with color blocking different parts of the llama. 

And here are some of my inspirations. I hope you llike llamas as much as I do! 

Como te Llama print by Arcadiagraphic on Etsy

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Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's day is just around the corner, and I have a free pattern to share. It's nice to remind people you love how much they mean to you. I used this pattern to make a little greeting card. You can make it bigger and turn it into a block of your quilt, of course. Go ahead and download it under Free Downloads. On the PDF, I made two sizes available to print - 5" x 3.33" (which I used for the greeting card) and 7.5" x 5". And please feel free to share photos with me if you use any of my patterns for your project. Happy Mother's Day!  

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Hauptstrasse Quilt Fest

Last weekend, I got to visit Hauptstrasse Quilt Fest in Boerne, TX. Boerne is a small city which is less than 2 hours away from Austin and home of my sister-in-law. I was totally blown away from their charming quilt displays on front porches of antiquated buildings, main plaza, and windows of local shops. After taking a slow walk to appreciate every quilt they had hung up, my husband and I grabbed a cold iced coffee in a local bakery and continued to wonder through a line up of antique and trinket shops. Here are some pictures to share with you. I regret that I don't have credits for any of the quilts, but I hope you enjoy! 

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New Addition: Chair Collection

I love chairs, and especially those that are well designed. I have done a lot of research on chairs during my undergraduate studies, and perhaps that is why this collection is so dear to me. If you know a little about modern chair history, you might already know that many famous chairs were designed by renowned architects. I share the same sentiment as Mies van der Rohe who once said, "A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier. That is why Chippendale is famous."

So here is my Chair Collection pattern. I am definitely set on doing a Chair Collection #2. So look forward to that as well.

And I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of the chairs that I was inspired by while designing this collection. 

Janna Dining Chair from Inmod 
George Nelson pair of lounge chairs from 1stdibs
Milo Baughman Recliner from DWR 
Joya Rocker from Monte Design
Eames Molded Plywood lounge chair from DWR

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Work in progress

I am working on a new project with my Diamond Variations pattern. It's going to be just a bit smaller than a twin size quilt, and according to my calculations, I need to make 24 of these 7"x 7" square blocks. I decided to use only the shades of brown with some pops of red here and there. Still a long way to go, but I am very excited! 

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