New Addition: Ribbons and more!

I often look for inspirations from traditional quilt blocks, and my newest ribbons blocks were sparked by traditional bow tie blocks. Long time ago, my mom made a beautiful lap quilt with just the bow tie blocks, and I wish I had a picture to share it with you. I used to think that they look a bit like dog bones (sorry mom!) especially for they are positioned diagonally. Here is a picture of a bow tie quilt that I found on the web. It is made by Twin Fibers, and it's just lovely. The color combination reminds me of my mom's bow tie quilt too. 

Here are my ribbons. I think they will look so cute on a little girl's quilt. 


And just to be a tease, here is something I am currently working on. 
It's going to be a collection of chairs, something I've been wanting to do for a while. 
In case you are curious, I start drafting my patterns on AutoCad or Rhino. I like that they got grids to snap my points to, and I can be very accurate with measurements. Then I take my line drawings to Adobe Illustrator to play with colors and patterns and add labels at the end. It is a process I am accustomed to from studying interior design, and I really enjoy doing it. I am aware of quilt software like Electric Quilt and Quilt Assistant, and I imagine they would work similarly. I say take advantage of skills you got. Whatever works for you! 

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