New Addition: Tree Block

Let me introduce you to my Tree Block. The Tree block is another great block for paper piecing beginners. It is only consisted of two groups (A + B) and thirteen pieces.   

To compare this block with what a traditional tree block could look like, I will show you a mini quilt I made last year for Christmas. I clearly had a lot of fun with embroidering and adding buttons as ornaments. This was done by patchworking and not by paper piecing. I do love how these trees are made of simple geometric shapes like triangles and squares, and it is a great pattern to resemble a pine tree. But if I were to illustrate blooming flower trees that I see on the street today, I would use my new paper pieced Tree block. It captures the organic quality of trees and like I mentioned earlier, it is easy to make it!

My Tree block also has the same height as Camping Tent block, so you can easily line them up for a quilt.

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