Framed and embroidered Tree block

Happy Easter everyone! Today, I'll share a photo of my framed Tree block. I've been testing out my paper pieced patterns and making a lot of single blocks. For some of them, I don't have plans to incorporate into bigger projects yet. So, on my last trip to IKEA, I bought some plain white picture frames, and you bet they are filling up quickly! For this 5" x 6" Tree block, I added a 1" rectangle piece to make it a ground. I also embroidered a swing and some orange flowers. I haven't done a lot of embroidering in the past, but it's something I would like to practice more, for it goes so well with paper piecing. Furthermore, I know just the blog that has a picture dictionary of embroidery stitches. Check out Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials if you are interested! 

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