Finished Project: Placemat

I finished my placemat quilt over the weekend. It's about the same size as my laptop which is 17" (monitor size). You all know where the silverware pattern came from. If you are wondering about the plate, I also designed it and paper pieced it. It's made up of 8 triangles that look like a slice of pie. This plate pattern can probably be turned into a pie or a pizza based on fabric choices. I don't happen to own a fabric that has pizza toppings, so I settled with a white and blue classic plate. 

In fact, I have done a similar project as the plate pattern in the past. I took a Foundation Pieced Spider Web Pillow Series class from Stitch Lab, which is a great place to learn how to sew in Austin by the way. You can check out Stitch Lab's website if you want to take this class or learn more about it. Here is a picture of the Spider Web pillow I finished. 

I plan to share my plate pattern under free downloads. It will be there later today or tomorrow. As I suggested in the etsy listing, this silverware pattern would also go well with Dresden plate block. I know a perfect tutorial video for making Dresden plate block. 

Dresden tutorial by Missouri Quilt Co.

and of course the other option is to applique the plate if you are going for a cleaner and rounder look. If you end up making your own placemat with my silverware pattern, please e-mail me the photos. I would love to see your work!

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