Finished Project: mom's camping tent quilt

I am happy to display a photo of mini-quilt that my mom finished few days ago. 
She used the Camping Tent block that is free to download from my blog. 
I love that she used a different combination of fabrics for each block.
She was hesitant about doing a bias (border) with brown fabric as opposed to light green fabric, but I think brown was a great choice! 

My mom who has been a quilter for almost 20 years is truly a master at hand quilting.
She does all of piecing and quilting by hand. In fact, she didn't paper piece these blocks, but patch worked them by cutting out every shape of the pattern, tracing them onto fabrics, and sewing them together with 1/4" seams. 

You will continue to see my mom's amazing quilt works, so check back often!

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2 Responses to Finished Project: mom's camping tent quilt

  1. holy moly! i just stumbled on this as i was looking for camping tent block ideas/patterns - i admire those hand piecing skills!! i will be paper piecing myself... (: but this is awesome!

  2. You say in your post with this there is a FREE! patter available but there isn't a link and I have clicked on everything I can think of and can't seem to find it! I am VERY interested in possibly making this quilt! I have two nephews that are going to be Eagle Scouts very soon and I am wanting to make them each a quilt as a present for this bold accomplishment. What makes it so special and this pattern perfect is well of course the camp out a lot as scouts of course but also my Father, their Grandfather passed away in 2010 and will not get to see them become Eagles which breaks all of our hearts because they are 5th generation in the same troupe number! BUT....I have all of my Father's old button down shirts and have been saving them to do something special and I would love to use the fabric to create the tents! I could create my own pattern which I normally do but since you have one that you offer free I would really like to get my hands on it if at all possible! You can email back at I appreciate your help and I hope you can reply quickly as my time is running short on one boy who has already started his Eagle process! Thanks Bunches!!! Your new friend Candie!!!


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